This year we began nine new 500-hour professional training classes. New teachers, tutors, assistants, and alumni joined our faculty to enthusiastically teach and further our mission to fully support every student’s success. Each year taking students from beginners to, in as little as seven months, becoming full-time licensed therapists and doing something they love – this is the wonderful triu...
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Massage School Trends: Signs

Lauterstein-Conway Massage School got a new sign recently with a orange, sunburst arch and a big purple arrow. Does anyone remember when this little sign went up? This sign is now hanging on the side of the building itself. There is a newer, glossier graveyard sign to replace it - with an arrow. Does anyone have a picture of the old sign in front of the Clay Avenue location?
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Dara’s Video Blog: Going to Massage School

Episode 1 of Dara's Video Blog by Dara Allen-Trainer TLCschool's Reception/Customer-Service-Guru, Dara Allen-Trainer is going back to school - this time at TLC! Hear Dara's story about why she decided to become a massage therapist and why she chose Lauterstein-Conway! Dara is enrolled in the Saturday section of the September 2010 class, which starts September 27th. To follow along wit...
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