Re-root the back! The back does so much for us – helping us stand, twist, turn, bend forward and back.  It’s no surprise the back requires a complicated interweaving and interaction of many muscles.  One of the main groups is called the erector spinae. I never understood the erector spinae until I saw a lovely illustration in Carmine Clemente’s “Regional Atlas of Human An...
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Meet Serratus Anterior Again

Last weekend I was teaching a Deep Massage Teacher training and we traded each day. On the second day, after receiving, I stood up, walked around, and was amazed at how free my shoulder girdle felt – primarily because my partner hadn’t worked on my shoulders! Neither of us could figure it out. Then the next morning we both shared our thought that the freedom stemmed fr...
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As therapists everyday we see our clients' need for touch, and people's in general. What we do not recognize nearly as often is "the need TO touch". In Harry Harlow's famous experiment with nursing primates, he found that they consistently choose a soft figure to touch over their food source. And, equally striking is he found that the mother's need TO touch was even greater ...
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Lose Frustration Now – Ask Me How!

or I’m Frustrated. You want to know why? Hell if I know! When it comes to emotions, we might say the only thing that’s frustrating is frustration! Therefore, when it comes to the emotional impact of massage, we might say our first concern is often the relief of frustration. Anger itself doesn’t feel bad at all. It floods our muscles with blood, readying us for act...
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