Reflexology: Helping with Your Hands

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by Marsha Walke, PhD, RN, LMT I have been teaching and giving massage and reflexology for 40 years now, I want to share some information and experiences to help you get a little acquainted with this form of helping with your hands. In 1977, I had just finished nursing school and loved giving my patients the evening back massage I had learned in school.  They went to sleep without pain meds o...
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Helping Veterans and Wounded Warriors

This nation's military veterans and wounded warriors continue to fight, long after they come off the battlefields. They fight to be whole again and to reclaim their physical and psychological health. Many forms of massage and bodywork can help them do just that.Therapeutic MassageWith its ability to meld body and mind, massage is an excellent way for veterans to reintegrate. Not only can this kind...
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Holding Headaches at Bay

Bodywork Eases Migraines and Tension Headaches By Cathy Ulrich "Do you get headaches?" I asked Cindy. She had come to see me for massage to address her neck and shoulder pain but hadn't mentioned headaches."Well, yes," she said. "I've always had headaches and, now that you mention it, they seem to be worse when my neck hurts." Cindy went on to say she suffered from them as often as 2-3 times a...
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Heal Your Soul Through “Heel and Sole”

It is amazing how people love work on their feet and therapists often love working on the feet and yet…Most therapists don’t know the anatomy of the feet! I myself didn’t! I don’t know how many years it was before I really studied the intrinsic muscles of the feet…probably ten. But finally I really explored them. And the muscles of the feet revealed themselves as fascinating – as complex as ...
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Reflexology Massage Therapy

By Marsha Walker, LMT There are many kinds of pressure point therapies, with Reflexology and Vitaflex being two of them. Both of them outline points on the feet and hands that correspond to areas on the body, for example, the arch of the foot corresponds to the spine. The points for both techniques are very similar, with a slight variation in the way the pressure is applied to the foot or hand ...
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Massage for the Sinuses

I live in Austin, one of the allergy capitals of the world. And every few years, particularly when our cedar trees bloom, I bloom too - into sinus infflammation. What is sinusitis? Sinusitis is usually a response to allergens or viruses. Our sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones of the head - the maxillae, ethmoid, sphenoid, and frontal bones. When you have a sinus issue, first the nasal...
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