What is Better Than a Guitar? – The Art of Massage #2

For the first thirty years of my life, I was a musician and composer.  Among my first loves was the guitar and its music made through the wonderful composition of metal strings, wood, and open space.  I am still thrilled with the sight and sound of the guitar and all the variants that have been made over time – the lute, lyre, harp, mandolin. Imagine a beautiful guitar that ...
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WHAT THE HANDS TELL ME – The Art of Massage #1

touching the lyre
 “A Symphony must be like the world - it must contain everything”. – Gustav Mahler Mahler, the great composer, in his Symphony #3 gave titles to the various movements: ·  "What the Flowers in the Meadow Tell Me" ·  "What the Animals in the Forest Tell Me" ·  "What Man Tells Me" ·  "What the Angels Tell Me" ·  "What Love Tells Me" When we perform our science-b...
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-Tzu How many steps, how many thousands of miles did you travel last year? How many thousands of steps and miles we will take in the next year? How can you make this journey more full of life, goodness, beauty, and excitement? The single step we begin with is the MOST important one because without it the jour...
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Holding Headaches at Bay

Bodywork Eases Migraines and Tension Headaches By Cathy Ulrich "Do you get headaches?" I asked Cindy. She had come to see me for massage to address her neck and shoulder pain but hadn't mentioned headaches."Well, yes," she said. "I've always had headaches and, now that you mention it, they seem to be worse when my neck hurts." Cindy went on to say she suffered from them as ...
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Heal Your Soul Through “Heel and Sole”

bottom of feet
It is amazing how people love work on their feet and therapists often love working on the feet and yet…Most therapists don’t know the anatomy of the feet! I myself didn’t! I don’t know how many years it was before I really studied the intrinsic muscles of the feet…probably ten. But finally I really explored them. And the muscles of the feet revealed themselves as fascinat...
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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Oct 25-31

job fair1
We are next week celebrating the 19th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week - October 25-31, 2015. Massage Therapy Awareness means so much more than just the awareness that massages are good for you. It brings to mind the role that touch plays in our lives. Touch is the first sense to develop in the embryo – it lies at the very foundation of our sensory world. It...
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Becoming a Real Specialist in Pregnancy Massage

kate jordan featured
by Kate Jordan, developer of Bodywork for the Childbearing Year I’m told over and over by my pregnant clients that they’ve never had a pregnancy massage like this-one that was comfortable, relaxing, but that also effectively addressed the unique concerns of pregnancy, whether it was back pain, leg cramps, or the best sleeping position. While many massage curricula may intro...
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Mindbody Acupressure as a tool

gayl blog featured
by Gayl Hubatch My Bodywork practice began in 1982 with Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and massage therapy. I totally resonated with the idea of how interconnected all of life is! I was living in Oregon and needed a massage license to practice. So I studied massage therapy and WOW what an easy and powerful integration it became. My practice has evolved from Swedish...
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oct schedule gif featured
1. Start a career you will LOVE by Spring 2016! The October Evening Class is a 6 month program. This means you can start your new career as a Massage Therapist in April 2016! 2. Learn from a great instructors, Christopher Fritel & Gretchen Cole Our teachers are all extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping students become the best Massage Therapists they c...
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tmj feature
One of the most fascinating and challenging pieces of anatomy is the understanding of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), its function and its dysfunction. The TMJ joint is the most used joint in the body. It has – like the knee – an articular disc within it! If this disc gets displaced or injured, just like a meniscus in the knee, then you’ve got dysfunction. The good news ...
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