Homage to the Feet

Massage Education for the Feet, A Foundation By David Lauterstein There are 206 bones in the body, 52 of them are in the feet! It’s amazing that these two small yet marvelously engineered structures can support our entire weight without being crushed or giving way. It’s little short of miraculous that they also constantly balance out the infinite varieties of motion going on in the body abo...
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FREE – Intro to Massage Class

Massage Class
Curious About Massage School? Attend our free Hands-on Intro to Massage Class to Check it Out! Here is an amazing opportunity to take a Hands-On Introduction to Massage Class with one of our instructors. This is a free class designed to teach you a few basic massage techniques and acquaint you with our 500 Hour Massage Therapy Program. This is a great opportunity to explore this exciting career a...
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Is Deep Tissue Massage Bad for You?

Deep Tissue massage is often what people request these days. Many massage centers say deep tissue is different than “deep Swedish,” which is an overall massage done with deeper pressure. But what exactly is deep tissue massage really? And is it bad for you? What is Deep Tissue? First, there’s no detailed definition for deep tissue massage - except we can say it uses more pressure than “regula...
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Dermoneuromodulation massage continuing education
DNM is a structured, interactive approach to manual therapy that considers the nervous system of the patient - from skin cell to sense of self. We keep learning more and more about the impact of touch. There are some new ways of understanding touch that are coming from something called “Dermoneuomodulating” – quite the tongue twister! (DNM for short). DNM arises from a deeper appreciation of t...
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The more time you spend on the internet – with email, googling, facebook, snapchat – the more depressed you get. Many studies have shown that. So why are we still so “wired” in? The promise, the potential, of experiencing a sense of connection is often even more exciting and captivating than the actual connection! The reason behind that is built into our body and mind. Every time you anticipate...
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In Austin, we have a saying, “Keep Austin Weird.” I have always prided myself and our school for helping to keep Austin weird – since massage is still regarded as a little weird by some people. It still gets made fun of in movies, TV, cartoons, etc. Then I asked myself, “Well, what does being “weird” really mean?” I started by looking up the root meaning for the word. Here’s a summary of what t...
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People used to think massage just facilitated circulation.  But there have been enormous advances in this field and in massage education.  Now some of greatest teachers are showing us that tension is released in the muscles and their connective tissues, by intelligent, science- informed touch and quality of contact – not by quantity of pressure or through circulatory work. Beginning with the gr...
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“BMT” – Body Mobilization Techniques – were collected and refined by Robert King, the founder of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy, in the early 1980’s. For many years, Bob came down to The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and taught one great workshop after another. The founders of our school, John and David, were both early students of Bob’s. One of our earliest instructors, Marc Frazier to...
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How to Choose the Best Massage School for You: 4 Ways to Evaluate Massage School Culture and Values

TLC Massage School Class
Professional massage therapy draws all types of individuals, and as a result, the culture and values of individual massage schools are usually very different from one another. So how do you choose the best massage school for you? It is important to evaluate a massage school’s culture carefully before enrolling to discern what it values. Here’s how: 1. Do All the Things Do all the things th...
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So You’re Thinking About Becoming a Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist
If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, you’re living in one of the best times in history for it. Working in the massage industry can be a rewarding and beneficial job for those who can call themselves licensed massage therapists. But if you're not sure you’d make a good massage therapist, consider the following: You Might Make a Good Massage Therapist If... You Like People ...
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