The Secret of Success in Massage – Exceptional Service!

I hear stories of therapists out there. Some are doing great.  Some are just making it. Some are frustrated.

The times they are a’ changin’.  The advent of the Massage Envy’s, etc. has provided many more job opportunities, but at a lower paying rate.  Some employers are requiring too many massages without a break, or put pressure on the therapists to sell products.  The world economy is shifting, making it harder to have the prosperity that we want.  These are difficult times (though I do remind myself regularly really how easy we have it compared to other times in history and many other places in the world.).  They call for innovation and originality.

At Lauterstein-Conway we wrestle with how to deliver the education that will result in our graduates being superb, effective therapists; being able to do and enjoy the business-side of massage as well as the therapeutic; putting heart into one’s work so that the therapist connects with the person, not just with their body; being aligned and graceful in movement and mind so the massage results in optimum health for both therapist and client.

For me, what helped the most to get the satisfaction and success I wanted as a therapist was more advanced clinical training.   When I really began to understand anatomy and how chronic postural issues maintained pain and how to relieve those tensions, it opened up a whole new exciting world of therapy and service.

It was when I’d had training in Structural Bodywork (with Rolfer, Daniel Blake) that I felt confident to go entirely into private practice.  And I’ve never looked back – even when my boss (me) was too self-critical!  :)

Then in my practice I noticed that some people remained tense even after I’d worked intelligently with their myofascial systems. I realized that some issues were due more to the nervous system’s holding than to the fascial adhesions.  So I began exploring psychology of bodywork, shiatsu, and Zero Balancing.

All these provided important insights into the interaction of mind, emotion, and anatomy.  Particularly Zero Balancing enabled me to relieve the deepest holding patterns, those maintained within bones and joints.  In this way, addressing all the levels and causes of tension in the body, I was able to provide my clients with a completeness of positive results that were much deeper and more long lasting.

Since developing this level of practice, basically all my clients become repeat clients.  Almost always they include regular sessions as part of their healthcare.  I’ve been doing this now for – gulp! – 33 years and I still love to do it and teach it.

To have the practice you want, you have to make your level of service exceptional.  That naturally keeps you inspired and inspiring to your clients — to see and feel the higher devotion to your service and to their process of healing and growth.

Those are all reasons to take advantage of the Advanced Clinical Training beginning here November 7th.  This is the only school in the southwest that teaches an Integrative Clinical approach to manual therapy utilizing the primary advanced modalities: Deep Massage, Structural Bodywork, Zero Balancing, Shiatsu, Psychology of Bodywork, Integrative Bodywork.

Don’t miss this chance to infuse your work, your income, and yourself with a whole new and important level of learning, success and therapeutic benefit.

Helen Keller was Right about Massage (and life)

Helen Keller was right – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

In some ways every day is an adventure; every day a hero’s journey. We don’t know what will happen. We can see the obstacles and opportunities that arise as part of the incredible journeys, short and long, we take in this life. We all love the fresh sense of adventure in our lives.

For advanced students, massage therapists, and bodyworkers, the adventure of the journey to the center of the self is very key to their lives. We begin, after learning the basics, to plumb the depths of who we are. We get increasingly blown away by those deeper layers and dynamics of anatomy, the mysterious and labyrinthian ways of physiology. We understand psychology, first our own, then others, more and more deeply. And we see an infinite depth to the exploration of the relationships of energy and structure; personality and body; mind and spirit.

Once you are “hooked”, there is no turning back from this adventure. In 1977 I thought, “Oh I guess I’ll be a massage therapist.” Thirty three years later, I feel, as I walk through this realm, that the ground keeps dropping down deeper. This paths go everywhere; the vistas ever more fascinating. True confessions, it’s almost the same feeling I had when I first started to get to know my wife, Julie. Each date added a another level of appreciation of her depth – I sensed she would surprise me every day and be infinitely interesting. I am so happy to say I was right!

I am also so happy how right I and so many are about what an incredible adventure it is to set sail into the waters of advanced bodywork. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I can’t imagine anyone seriously in this field being without this precious knowledge and the powerful techniques which accompany them.  Reminding you – TLC’s Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) starts November 7.  It is an integrative training engaging us in learning about the whole person so we can be full-fledged health professionals addressing both the structural and energetic sources of pain and tension, giving you the skill levels to much more dramatically amplify the health momentum for each client.

It is already half-full. We want every bodyworker who’s tapped into this adventure to take this next step. We’ve eliminated all your excuses not to do it.  We have payment plans that will fit almost any budget. The schedule is designed for working thereapists; just one class a week Mondays 10-5, November through August.  There is minimal homework with, however, deep work learning together in each class.

Helen Keller’s full quote is – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

I and the other core ACT faculty members – Jan Hutchinson, Dena Roberts, Cindy Anderson – invite you to free your spirit, body and mind and to help those you touch to do the same.  We heartily look forward to joining in this adventure with you!

Click here for information about the Advanced Clinical Training.

Don’t learn more about massage!

Don’t learn more about massage or bodywork!

Can you imagine anyone believing that?

What do we get from advanced learning?

  • Better results with our clients.
  • The skill level needed for self-employment
  • More client retention
  • More alleviation of pain
  • More effective release of physical tension
  • More healing from past psychological stress and trauma
  • More delight in our work because we’re stimulated by new knowledge and new techniques
  • Less boredom
  • More economic success
  • More stability
  • More freedom to enjoy life beyond work!
  • Better self-care
  • Emotional growth that accompanies advanced learning
  • Greater longevity as a therapist
  • The deep fun of being in a community of advanced learners
  • The joy of learning from teachers with 20+ years experience who are devoted to sharing their knowledge and experience

    Do you love learning?  Act on it!  Enroll in our Advanced Clinical Training that begins November 7.

Click here to apply today!

The Comforts of Massage: “Orthobionomy”

by Tracy Gilliam, Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®, Licensed Massage Therapist, Texas Massage Therapy Instructor and CE Provider

I took an Ortho-Bionomy® class on a whim.  The flyer that came in the mail was bright yellow – hard to lose on my desk. Not really much information about the class or the technique on it, just a list of upcoming seminars in the Dallas area. But it was on a weekend I had free, the cost was reasonable, CE’s were included and I was looking for something to add to my “toolbox.” So I sent in my check and made the trek to Dallas.

When class started, I was sure I had made a mistake. I was the ONLY massage therapist in the group AND the only one who didn’t know about or had not taken, an Ortho-Bionomy class before. So there I am, with the UPS driver, an architect, a professional ballerina, a music therapist, a martial arts instructor, a cattle rancher and a grandmother. WHAT could possibly draw all these people together? Well, I found out – a desire for comfort.

From the first demonstration, I observed how relaxed the instructor was; how the body of the demo model softened in front of our eyes; how comfortable I felt watching the work performed. It was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, or could articulate, until later. I was home. The method, the concept, the work itself connected to my core. I was told, and I could feel, the innate wisdom of the body making changes.

The movements were not difficult, in fact, if they were “hard” then they were not being executed properly. Observation of held patterns, palpating sore points and using the idea of finding more comfort released tension easily. The best thing about it – it worked when I got home just as well as it worked in the classroom!

Ten years of learning, using, playing and discovering later, I am still as much in love with the work as when I was first introduced. My clients love it, because as I learned in that first class, everyone needs comfort. What Ortho-Bionomy taught me was how to show my clients, no matter what their profession, how to eliminate tension in an easy, gentle, effective way.

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