Freud said, “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” Most of us give an ordinate amount of time and attention to our work. Do you spend as much time cultivating the love in and of your life as you do your work? Likely we all need to refine that balance. The other day in yoga the teacher said, “I can tell who’s been doing yoga for a long time, by what they do...
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Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method – Why Isn’t It Called Deep Tissue?

I studied with Daniel Blake, former Rolfer, in his offshoot of Rolfing, “Structural Bodywork” in 1982 and ‘83. Then I took cranio-sacral trainings with him and with early students of Dr. John Upledger. After my first such training, I realized that you can affect someone deeply with almost no pressure. So I abandoned the term “Deep Tissue”, and decided not to coin some fancy nam...
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The Heart’s Evolution

by David Lauterstein The recent elections’ results continue to be a clarion call. Perhaps the most important message is that the world has reached a new limit of how far we can proceed with only the education of the mind. Because as long as mental prowess is the main focus of our education, the heart is left behind. Abandoned, the undereducated heart remains comparatively ba...
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Your body is composed of layers. Each one has a relatively soft, connective tissue associated with it. Generally called “fascia”, these connective tissue layers act somewhat like a series of living saran wrappings around all the tissues in the body. The layers overall are: The skin with its associated superficial fascia The organs and muscles with deeper fascia around ...
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Explore Deep Massage

The Deep Massage: Lauterstein Method I workshop coming up January 24-26 at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin may change your work more than any other class you’ve ever taken. You will learn all the theory and every hands-on technique in The Deep Massage Book. This will add 30 new techniques from this one class – giving you an incredible new repertoire of powerful t...
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