So You’re Thinking About Becoming a Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist
If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, you’re living in one of the best times in history for it. Working in the massage industry can be a rewarding and beneficial job for those who can call themselves licensed massage therapists. But if you're not sure you’d make a good massage therapist, consider the following: You Might Make a Good Massage Therapist If.....
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This year we began nine new 500-hour professional training classes. New teachers, tutors, assistants, and alumni joined our faculty to enthusiastically teach and further our mission to fully support every student’s success. Each year taking students from beginners to, in as little as seven months, becoming full-time licensed therapists and doing something they love – this i...
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Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries and Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Work for the Shoulder Girdle and Paraspinals

Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries and Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Work for the Shoulder Girdle and Paraspinals by Brian Utting Orthopedic healthcare practitioners often do an excellent job of locating and treating the exact site of an injury or lesion. However, in some cases, they don’t take a more global, holistic view of the whole human being, and...
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3 Steps to Receive a Great Massage

3 STEPS TO RECEIVE A GREAT MASSAGE - whether you are client or a student It is amazing how many students come who attend massage school think they will learn to give massage. They often forget that they will be receiving massage as well. They go through a brief moment of surprise – “Oh, I didn’t think about how I’d receive a lot of massage too.” The good news is you receiv...
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Exploring the ‘CARE’ aspect of Healthcare

I became a massage therapist because I couldn’t think of another job I could do that felt more meaningful.  It was super-important for me to find work I could respect, feel good about, and find fascinating. Learning massage and its related subjects adds not only to your professional life but also to you as a person. In the course of training at our massage school you work on...
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Life in the Bones, The Book I Didn’t Write and the Book I Did

by David Lauterstein Beginning about ten years ago, Aminah Raheem, the wife of my Zero Balancing mentor, Dr. Fritz Smith, asked if I would consider writing his biography. At the time I was still working full-time on my second book, The Deep Massage Book, so I thanked her and declined but promised I would give it more thought. Periodically Aminah would check in with me. Fi...
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THE MEDITATION OF CHAIR MASSAGE "Standing or walking, sitting or lying down, During all these waking hours, Let us establish mindfulness of good will, Called the highest state!" - Gautama Buddha Doesn’t lying down at night feel so good? Could sitting down feel as good? One place where sitting down feels as good as lying down is at the airport in Austin, Te...
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The Astonishing Benefits of High Level Massage Education “EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW THIS!” I have been teaching massage therapy since 1982, teaching all around the U.S. and in England. In every single class I hear a voice in my head loudly saying, “Everyone should learn massage therapy.” And they should. Because the lessons we learn through massage training, when it’s done...
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Freud said, “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” Most of us give an ordinate amount of time and attention to our work. Do you spend as much time cultivating the love in and of your life as you do your work? Likely we all need to refine that balance. The other day in yoga the teacher said, “I can tell who’s been doing yoga for a long time, by what they do...
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