Heel and Sole: Anatomy and Advanced Work for the Feet

Most therapists do not have a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the feet – even though they underlie every single thing we do!   Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Knowing this anatomy will dramatically enhance the quality of your work.  It will also help you problem-solve problems of injury and chronic tension in the feet that are so common. ...
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Heal Your Soul Through “Heel and Sole”

It is amazing how people love work on their feet and therapists often love working on the feet and yet…Most therapists don’t know the anatomy of the feet! I myself didn’t! I don’t know how many years it was before I really studied the intrinsic muscles of the feet…probably ten. But finally I really explored them. And the muscles of the feet revealed themselves as fascinating – as complex as ...
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Homage to the Feet!

It has always been incredible to me how much massage clients enjoy foot massage. Yet most therapists know very little about the detailed anatomy of the foot! And mostly they use general massage techniques! It brings a whole new level of pleasure, service, and benefit to your work as a therapist to really understand and know how to work with the feet! The feet have six layers - fascia, 4 muscle ...
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