Freud said, “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” Most of us give an ordinate amount of time and attention to our work. Do you spend as much time cultivating the love in and of your life as you do your work? Likely we all need to refine that balance. The other day in yoga the teacher said, “I can tell who’s been doing yoga for a long time, by what they do with their hands.” ...
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Heal Your Soul Through “Heel and Sole”

It is amazing how people love work on their feet and therapists often love working on the feet and yet…Most therapists don’t know the anatomy of the feet! I myself didn’t! I don’t know how many years it was before I really studied the intrinsic muscles of the feet…probably ten. But finally I really explored them. And the muscles of the feet revealed themselves as fascinating – as complex as ...
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Massage Continuing Education: Happy Feet

Generally we have no appreciation for our feet and tend to ignore them for many years, until they decide they need some attention and rudely let us know. We force them to put up with poorly fitted shoes, stand on hard surfaces for hours on end, walk further than they appreciate and then get upset when they object. If they are lucky they are briefly rubbed before the next onslaught of torture. The ...
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The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School