Reflexology: Helping with Your Hands

Austin Massage School
by Marsha Walke, PhD, RN, LMT I have been teaching and giving massage and reflexology for 40 years now, I want to share some information and experiences to help you get a little acquainted with this form of helping with your hands. In 1977, I had just finished nursing school and loved giving my patients the evening back massage I had learned in school.  They went to sleep without pain meds o...
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My wife and I got massages at a very nice spa last night. We each signed up for 1.5 hour deep tissue. What we got is about 60 minutes on the back, relatively little work on the rest of the body. Therapists, maybe some clients, want only back, shoulder and neck work. And maybe some schools teach this way of working. And we need to respond to that. But better knowledge tells us that in many cases...
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Working with the Sacro-Iliac Joint.

What a fascinating world that of the sacro-iliac is! The ligaments that run from the sacrum to the ilium – like the guywires of a suspension bridge – need appropriate span and tautness to be healthy. Sitting down all day compresses the SI joint and results in overly lax ligaments. Then any stray force – just leaning over and twisting a little – can sprain some of the ligamentous fibers. Also th...
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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Oct 25-31

We are next week celebrating the 19th annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week - October 25-31, 2015. Massage Therapy Awareness means so much more than just the awareness that massages are good for you. It brings to mind the role that touch plays in our lives. Touch is the first sense to develop in the embryo – it lies at the very foundation of our sensory world. It is the first way we...
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