Massage Make-up Classes

Make-up Class forms are available in the hallway. Completed forms should be turned in to your student administrator.

Space is limited in these classes. You must sign up for these classes at least one week in advance.

You can attend either a stand alone make-up class or sit in with another class schedule.

If you want to sit in with another class schedule, please refer to the program calendars on the student bulletin boards in the hallway or online to determine the section or program. You must sit in on the same class you missed. For example, if you miss Clinical Bodywork: Back and Front Torso, you must sit in on Clinical Bodywork: Back and Front Torso. Due to TLC’s flexible scheduling, the class number may change by program, so please refer to the class title.

Your student administrator will send you a confirmation email to let you know whether there is room in the class you requested.

If you need to make up multiple classes, you will need to submit multiple forms.