Deep Massage

Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method is both easier on the massage therapist and more effective for the client.

Deep Massage is a unique approach developed by our school’s co-founder David Lauterstein and is an outgrowth from the traditions of Rolfing, Zero Balancing and other advanced bodywork disciplines.

Students learn to contact both clients’ structure and energy, especially in the deeper muscle layers. Students learn myofascial anatomy, its relevance to pain and tension, and over 70 new myofascial release techniques.

Deep Massage approach utilizes trigger points, deep effleurage, cross-fiber work and other advanced techniques to help clients more permanently live without unnecessary tension and pain.

Deep Massage, as we teach it, is an approach which is both easier on the therapist and more effective for the client.

The training includes 27 hours of more than 70 myofascial release techniques, trigger point work, deep transverse frictions and the advanced anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and energetic theory related to the modality.

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