Weekly Make-up Room Hours

Tuesday - Friday 

10am -6pm


*Please contact Tamie Culley at tammiec@tlcschool.com with any questions. Thank you!

Make-up Fees

  • Make up fees $10/hr ($45 for a full A/B class)
  • If you fail to cancel and do not attend, you will be charged a $25 no-show fee.
  • Make-up fees are not included in your tuition-financing plan. Payment must be made to the Controller and can be by check, money order, or credit card. Checks and money orders can be submitted in the payment box in the Student Communication Hallway. Neither the receptionist nor the instructor can accept payment.
  • All make-up/no-show fees must be made in full to be financially eligible to receive your transcript.

Make-up Class forms are available in the hallway. Completed forms should be turned in to your student administrator.

Make-up Classes

Making up a class earns you credit for the hours missed, but does not erase the absence. It is your responsibility to keep track of tardiness and absences.

How to Make-up Classes

Space in the make-up room is limited and reservations are required. Students will find a sign-up list in the Student Communication Hallway.

  • Students are to find the day that works best for their schedule and reserve their spot by signing up in an available spot on the date of their choosing.
  • Students are to bring the appropriate materials to their make-up class, per their school packet. Students should also bring a laptop, tablet, or other device to access online lectures and demonstrations.
  • Students are to report to the lobby at their scheduled time. The MTI-on-duty will admit students to the make-up room in-between clinic sessions.
  • During their make-up time, students must complete a make-up form and turn it in to the MTI-on-duty.
  • Students must attend at least 1 hour to make up a tardy of up to 1 hour and must round up to the nearest 30 minutes for a tardy in excess of 1 hour.
  • Time for any 1 class must be made up during 1 shift in the make-up room. For example, a student must attend 3.5 hours in the make-up room to get credit for an absence from class 1B. No partial credit will be given.


The following classes must be made up with a class. Students absent for the following classes must contact the Student Administrator to schedule their make-up time with another program.  Students should bring a completed make-up form to turn in to the instructor.

21B – CPR/First Aid
25B – Hydrotherapy
26B – Hydrotherapy
27B – Hydrotherapy
47B – Pregnancy Massage
48B – Pregnancy Massage
49B – Pregnancy Massage
56A – Clinic Orientation
56B – Mock Internship