2014 Massage Job Fair and Networking Event

job fair1


Meet Massage Therapy employers in the Austin area! Network with other Massage Therapists! Learn about Massage Therapy opportunities and continuing education! This is the only Massage Therapy Job Fair in the Austin area!

There will also be a presentation by Lisa Beth Thomas, the head of the LBTJ Group – a full-service marketing company in Austin. She is a television producer, former motivational speaker, and marketing specialist. At this Job Fair Lisa Beth Thomas will give an inspiring 30 minute presentation – “Unplug and Plug into Success”. Our lives are on fast forward with the demands of the day, limiting beliefs, not being able to say no and the constant attachment to our devices. Learn the secrets of “unplugging” which gives you the insight needed to plug into your power and success. You are unique – tap into that to have success and the work you love on your terms.

Thank you to everyone for coming to the 2014 Massage Therapy Job Fair and Networking Event! Information for the 2015 Job Fair coming soon.