Massage for Seniors

with Mary Duval, LMT

Sunday, April 12, 2015
6 CE hours



**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

The Baby Boomers are coming! Starting in 2011, 7,000-10,000 baby boomers turn 65 EVERY day! This will continue until 2030. Now is the time to get to know how to work with this growing population. While people are living longer and staying healthier longer these days, there are still physiological issues and health conditions you need to take into account when working with seniors. The most important thing to remember is…senior does NOT equal geriatric. There is a large range of health conditions between 65 and geriatric. This course is designed to help you deal with this growing population. In this course you will learn:

• What the terms senior, elder, and geriatric really mean

• How to work with and address common senior problems such as sciatica, arthritis, thinning skin, hip replacements, knee replacements, and pace markers

• Cautions and things to avoid when working with seniors

• Why in-home massage may be the best option when working with seniors

• Specific massage techniques that can be used when working with seniors

• How to customize your session to the needs of the senior you are working with


Don’t let fear stop you from working with this interesting and rewarding population. Seniors need your help and will love you for taking the time to work with them and make them feel better!


me2013-2modMary Duval is a former technical writer who turned to massage as a way to get out of sitting at a desk for too many hours each day. She graduated from Lauterstain-Conway Massage School’s 500-hour program in 2011 and since then has focused her career working with senior adults, active and frail. Working with seniors provides Mary with a rewarding career since she is able to help older adults feel and move better while getting to know some of the best people in the world! She also keeps in touch with the future of massage therapy by working in the TLC clinic, helping students prepare for their ventures out into the world of massage therapy. Mary enjoys sharing her experiences and helping other therapists understand how to work with seniors.