Mindbody Acupressure

with Gayl Hubatch

Sunday, October 11, 2015
6 CE’s
**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

This class teaches specific acupressure points, technique and skill to use qi as a healing modality. The participants will learn to cultivate qi in order to increase healing potential and embrace a unified understanding of how the mind, body tissues, and spirit of the individual work together. Specific acupressure points will be taught to unblock tension patterns in the neck and shoulders, back, and abdomen. A technique of local – distal meridian point holding, breath practices, and unwinding fascia restrictions will be taught.

Students will learn: specific acupressure point locations and basic meridian functions, qigong practices in order to cultivate energy awareness and mental focus, unwinding techniques to open meridian qi flow and release tension patterns. The student will be able to demonstrate: accurate point locations and holding patterns, breath and mindfulness technique, and energetic awareness applied to fascia restrictions and gentle unwinding technique.

Students will list acupressure points that are contraindicated in pregnancy. Students will demonstrate confidence in locating acupressure points. Students will be able to explain basic organ meridian functions. Students will be able to explain what qigong is and what medical qigong is. Students will demonstrate unwinding fascia technique. Students will be able to teach simple qigong practices.

Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD, LAc. LMT is a practitioner and instructor of Chinese Medicine and massage therapy for 30 years. Gayl has spent her life work teaching and practicing Chinese medicine with a focus on cultivating a rich understanding of qi. Her travels to China and continual study bring a unique and diverse skill set. Dr Hubatch has taught Bodymind acupressure throughout the US and in Canada, presents qigong trainings nationally while maintaining her clinical practice in Austin, TX. Her book, Fabric of the Soul 8 Extraordinary Vessels integrates bodywork, traditional Chinese medical theory and practices such as acupuncture and herbology with an emphasis on qigong.
Dr. Hubatch is licensed in acupuncture, a diplomat of acupuncture through The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is certified to teach Bodymind Acupressure®. Gayl is also a licensed massage therapist, CE provider for massage therapists, yoga instructor, certified tai chi qigong instructor and avatar® master. Her book: Fabric of the Soul: Eight Extraordinary Vessels is available through her website or on amazon com.