Deep Massage 1 – How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork

Deep Massage I - How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork

with Christopher Fritel, Jason Hammond, and Kevin Graef

Fri - Sun, January 20-22
Fri & Sat: 9am - 5pm

Sun: 9am-4pm

$350 **$250 for TLC Grads**

20 CE's


To celebrate our schools 28th Anniversary this January, we are offering this workshop at $100 off the regular workshop cost.  You will have the rare experience of learning from three core faculty members at our school - Kevin Graef, Christopher Fritel and Jason Hammond.  The level of supervision and support for each student will therefore be fantastic! 
*Required text for this workshop: The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork by David Lauterstein. If you don't have it already, you can purchase it at the school or online HERE
 About the Workshop: 

Deep Massage - The Lauterstein Method will greatly enhance your understanding and interaction with both the structure and energy of the human being. In "Deep Massage 1 - How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork" will learn 30 new clearly articulated and demonstrated techniques that will add immeasurably to your therapeutic repertoire. Enhanced understanding of the body's anatomy - both structural and energetic - will result in greater inspiration and benefit for both therapist and client. In Deep Massage 1 you will immediately be able to use this work with all your clients.


  • 30 new Deep techniques for the back, pelvis, legs, front torso, shoulders, arms, neck, and head
  • How to affect fascia through the thixotrophic effect
  • The "fulcrum" model - a systematic method for cultivating optimized touch quality
  • How to simultaneously engage the myofascial and nervous systems
  • The 12 Working signs of mindbody healing - observation skills which facilitate greater therapeutic impact
  • A higher level of "psychomechanics" as well as body mechanics
  • The 7 Dimensions of Touch - deeper exploration of centering, enhanced movement, breath, graceful verticality, heart, understanding and inspiration

This class  singularly explores a new philosophy and practice of massage, an approach to touch therapy that affects clients deeply, not necessarily with more pressure, but with a more profound and vital connection. In a world where virtual reality holds prominence, hunger for the experience of actual reality becomes more pronounced and urgently necessary. Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method conveys a powerful therapeutic route for dramatically relieving pain and tension, optimizing wellness and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

This workshop will cover all the theory and techniques from David Lauterstein’s Deep Massage Book, reviewed as “the most innovative book in bodywork in the last 30 years,” which is the required manual for this class. 

For therapists who wish to become certified in Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method, this class is the first 20-hour segment in the 60-hour Deep Massage: Certification Program

About the Instructors: 

11.01.FacultyHeadshotChristopher.WebChristopher Fritel, BA, LMT What feeds his sense of adventure? Working with the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa; attending the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City; Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Christopher completed his massage training at TLC in 2001 and since has dedicated himself to sharing the message of massage with numerous Lauterstein-Conway students and in his private practice. Most recently Christopher has been trained in CranioSacral Therapy I and loves it!

Jason Hammond_smallJason Hammond, LMT, L.Ac., is a massage therapist and acupuncturist in North Austin. He is devoted to learning how to cultivate wellness in the body and to help the body recover from sickness or injury. Jason attended the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in 2007 and received a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2010. Jason holds a 4th degree black belt in Kung Fu and a 4th degree black sash in Tai Chi and continues to train and teach Chinese martial arts.

Kevin Graef headshotKevin Graef, LMT, MTI, graduated the 500 hour Massage Therapy Training Program at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in 2009 and the Advanced Program in 2011. His approach to bodywork is noteworthy for taking the time to feel what is going on with his clients and not rushing the unwinding of deeply held tension. His teaching style reflects this same philosophy; he ignites the passion and curiosity that he discovers in his students and helps them to fully develop their massage skills. In his free time, Kevin enjoys flora, fauna, swimming, and eating clean and yummy foods.