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-2018 Workshop Calendar-


CORE Myofascial Therapy

Fri-Sun, May 11-13

The 3-day program focuses on intermediate training in structural integration techniques that improve the structural alignment of the human body while advancing functional abilities, respiration, flexibility, and reducing chronic pain. Focusing on specific treatments for key regions of the body.

The Alchemy of Touch

Thur-Sun, May 17-20

The basic trilogy of Zero Balancing is Core ZB, Alchemy of Touch, and Geometry of Healing. In the Core program we teach the underpinnings of ZB, including the use of energy as a working tool. In Alchemy of Touch we teach how to amplify vibration in the body and how to work in high-energy fields. In Geometry of Healing we teach how to slow vibration and work with elements within the field itself and within the gap.


Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialization

Thur, Fri, Sat, & Sun, June 7-10

If working with clients throughout their pregnancies, births and postpartum time is your desire, then this is THE in-depth hands-on specialty workshop that covers it all. This hands-on intensive workshop is prerequisite to an optional certification of your skills and knowledge that you or your employers, health care organizations or hospitals may require.


Sat, & Sun, June 23 – 24

In this 12 hour course, students will be introduced to basic principles of relevant neuroscience and gain the ability to work directly with the brain and nervous system to communicate change to the body, rather than to coerce it through force. The student will learn techniques for common neck, shoulder, low back and pelvic pain. The student will also gain skills related to down-regulating stress in the autonomic nervous system through a combination of touch and movement.


Deep Massage 1 – How to Combine Structure and Bodywork

Fri, Sat, & Sun, July 13 – 15

Deep Massage – The Lauterstein Method will greatly enhance your understanding and interaction with both the structure and energy of the human being. In “Deep Massage 1 – How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork” will learn 30 new clearly articulated and demonstrated techniques that will add immeasurably to your therapeutic repertoire. Enhanced understanding of the body’s anatomy – both structural and energetic – will result in greater inspiration and benefit for both therapist and client. In Deep Massage 1 you will immediately be able to use this work with all your clients.

Lomi Lomi ‘Hawaiian Temple Bodywork’

Fri, Sat, & Sun, July 27-29

LomiLomi is an ancient bodywork modality that was created by the Kahuna Healers of Hawaii. The dance-like movements and techniques that are applied create an interconnected flow giving a feeling of being totally supported and cared for while receiving. This bodywork and the philosophy behind it conveys the “Aloha Spirit” and beauty with which the Hawaiian culture honors and celebrates itself.


Clinical Massage for Piriformis Syndrome & SI Joint Dysfunction

Sun, August 5

This workshop concentrates on the two most common causes of pain and tension in the lower back and pelvis – the piriformis (and other deep lateral rotators) and the sacro-iliac ligaments. IN this clinical massage workshop you will learn about: The causes of sciatica, Repetitive stress issues with the I.T. band, The role of the sacro-iliac joint and ligaments in low back pain, Anatomy of the muscles and ligaments most relevant to these problems, and traditional treatments.

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function with Carrie Gaynor, Senior Faculty Member for Kinesis and Anatomy Trains

Fri, Sat, & Sun, August 24 – 26

This is the first workshop to combine Anatomy Trains theory alongside structural and functional anatomy and analysis. It blends the concepts of tensegrity with elastic recoil for movement efficiency and illustrates how we use the Anatomy Trains as lines of force transfer. We will address differential diagnosis to help identify motor control or soft tissue restrictions and where they may be coming from – we will show you the interdependent relationships between many of the tissues and how they interact.


Oncology Massage: Caring for Clients with Cancer with Tracy Walton Associates 

Thur, Fri, Sat, & Sun, Oct 25-28

Approximately 1 in 2 people will get cancer during their lifetime.  Therefore, it is a necessity that every therapist become knowledgeable and skillful with respect to oncology massage.  Once thought to be contraindicated, now we are seeing that massage therapy can be helpful, judiciously applied, in almost every circumstance.  This class is a deeply fulfilling, substantial, and empowering learning experience.


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