Lowe’s The Professional Program (All ONLINE)

130 CE hours
$699 in full, by PayPal only

(required textbook: the Orthopedic Assessment book, purchased separately)


When can Online be better than a Workshop?

Answer: When the course uses applied-learning educational design, with YOUR experience being the highest priority!  Workshops are excellent for watching and experimenting with technique applications, but limited by time and design for learning the foundational knowledge and skills that ground your work. How much do you recall at the end of a workshop? Do you feel like you have to buy books and DVDs to help you remember what you just paid $350-450 for, leaving you to study the material on your own?

Whitney Lowe has designed this online program to provide thorough, active learning integration of assessment and treatment concepts. The best education has you actively using the concepts, not relying on rote memorization (read text or watch video, then answering questions).  Lowe’s courses are an involved and engaging learning experience that gives you the skills you need to be the kind of therapist that has a waiting list.


Integrated Video

Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy, text

Certification test

Seven Online Orthopedic Massage segments covering:

  • Cervical Region
  • Shoulder Region
  • Lumbar & Thoracic
  • Hip & Pelvis
  • Knee & Thigh
  • Foot, Ankle, & Leg
  • Elbow, Forearm, & Hand

Each individual segment gives you 18 CE’s (awarded after each one)