ACT Psychology of Bodywork

The Psychology of Bodywork: 52 hrs    

To be a successful advanced therapist calls for personal growth as well as enhanced technical skill.   Self-growth is a component of this advanced training.  Learn how to be more fully present with yourself and your client and understand their psychologically based issues.  This will help you relate more knowledgeably and compassionately to yourself and your clients.

Learn how each part of the body can reflect psychological stress.  Identify the unique ways clients’ stress can be held as tension in the body, mind and spirit.  Learn how to individualize your touch and approach to address each client’s unique holding patterns.

Our formative years leave traces in the form of characteristic personality challenges.  You will learn about “character structure” and how it will help you determine the safest and most effective massage techniques and touch qualities to address clients’ trauma, tension patterns, pain, and injury.