ACT Core Zero Balancing

Core Zero Balancing I and II: 50 hrs  

Zero Balancing is an innovative body-mind system of hands-on therapy developed since the 1970’s by Dr. Fritz Smith, MD, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

In Zero Balancing I you will learn how the body’s anatomy is related to energy movement in the skin, muscles, ligaments and bones.  You will learn 20 different fulcrums-advanced techniques to free the ankles and feet, hips, pelvis, lower back, ribs, mid and upper back, neck, shoulder girdle, arms, neck and head.

Zero Balancing II completes the 50 hour Core Zero Balancing Training (half of the course work required for ZB Certification).  You will learn special techniques for the pelvis, legs, feet, back, neck and suboccipital area, review all the basic ZB fulcrums, and learn how to put them together in a powerful and effective full Zero Balancing session.

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