ACT Curriculum

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  • Psychology of Bodywork – 48 hours
    with Gregory Gaiser and David Lauterstein
    This segment is interwoven in the ACT curriculum, once a month, with a concentration in April-May, when it is the primary content of six classes
  • Integrative Bodywork – 20 hours
    with David Lauterstein and Jan Hutchinson
    Session design combining, as individually appropriate, deep massage, shiatsu, fascial release, structural bodywork and Zero Balancing

Want to take the ACT as Workshops?

If there is space remaining in the class, we will take registrations for individual segments as workshops. However, taking the full ACT training saves you $1,180 vs. taking the segments at the workshop cost! Also the students in the full ACT training receive 3 private one-on-one teaching sessions and additional hours of classes in the psychology of the body and integrative bodywork.