By David Lauterstein I’ve just taught a one-day class on the iliopsoas. It was wonderful and we explored not only the anatomy and techniques for that fascinating muscle, but equally its important neighbors. The “psoas,” because hidden and elevated to pedestal status by Rolfers and others, has enjoyed a somewhat inflated reputation. On the other hand, gluteus maximus ...
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Massage Can Be a Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel (video included)

By David Lauterstein What is the “carpal tunnel”? The main nerve and tendons going to your palm and your fingers run through the middle of the wrist. On the palmar side of your wrist there is a ligament running above them. It’s called the “transverse carpal ligament”. This ligament is basically the roof of the carpal tunnel – it helps hold these tendons (NINE tendons!...
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tmj feature
One of the most fascinating and important things that therapists must understand is the anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), its function, and its dysfunction. The TMJ joint is the most used joint in the body. And it has – like the knee – an articular disc within it! So, If this disc gets displaced or injured, just like a meniscus in the knee, then you’ve got dy...
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Beat Knee Pain Without Surgery

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.40.43 AM copy
by Mitchell Yass, DPT This strategy is just as effective…and much safer… Do you wince when you walk, kneel, squat or climb stairs? If so, you are definitely not alone. Nearly 20% of all cases of chronic pain are associated with the knee, and it’s severe enough to limit the sufferer’s mobility and affect quality of life. Knee surgery, including knee replacement, is a widely...
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The Iliopsoas: The Irresistible Center of Existence!

BlogLiver sinew channel iliopsoas copy
by David Lauterstein There are structural theories and therapies relating to our anatomy. And there are energy theories and therapies. So far the two have been evolving in parallel, without much conscious interconnection. Yet since people are both structure and energy, it is common sense to say you are addressing health incompletely if you only work with structure or energy!...
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My wife and I got massages at a very nice spa last night. We each signed up for 1.5 hour deep tissue. What we got is about 60 minutes on the back, relatively little work on the rest of the body. Therapists, maybe some clients, want only back, shoulder and neck work. And maybe some schools teach this way of working. And we need to respond to that. But better knowledge tells u...
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Meet Serratus Anterior Again

Last weekend I was teaching a Deep Massage Teacher training and we traded each day. On the second day, after receiving, I stood up, walked around, and was amazed at how free my shoulder girdle felt – primarily because my partner hadn’t worked on my shoulders! Neither of us could figure it out. Then the next morning we both shared our thought that the freedom stemmed fr...
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What is Lomi Lomi ‘Hawaiian Temple Bodywork’ ?

By Jason Bratcher LMT/MTI/Texas CE Provider and Lomi Kumu. (WATCH VIDEO) Aloha!! I would like to share with all of you some ideas and thoughts I have had regarding this system of bodywork and why I feel it would benefit every Massage Therapist out there to learn and incorporate Lomi Lomi into what they do. Lomi Lomi as a system of bodywork and as a system of personal enri...
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FeatBlogmonkey mother and baby
As therapists everyday we see our clients' need for touch, and people's in general. What we do not recognize nearly as often is "the need TO touch". In Harry Harlow's famous experiment with nursing primates, he found that they consistently choose a soft figure to touch over their food source. And, equally striking is he found that the mother's need TO touch was even greater ...
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Senior Massage – Not Just for Old People

Relaxed senior woman receiving back massage at a spa center
by Mary Duval The seniors are coming – be prepared! The baby boomers started turning 65 in 2011. Every day since then more than 7000 baby boomers have reached 65 and this will continue until 2030, when all baby boomers are 65 or older. This is a growing population and even if you do not plan to work exclusively with this population, you will probably see more and more sen...
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