Hot Stone Massage – Meditation in Motion

woman getting a hot stone massage at a day spa
By Joy Sablatura Rockwell Hot stone massage is one of the most deeply relaxing forms of massage. With hydrotherapy, one applies a hydrocollator pack to the back to relax the muscles before being able to massage on a deeper level. With hot stones, the therapist has the heat of the smooth lava rocks penetrating each muscle group, relaxing the muscle fibers as he or she...
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The Erroneous Belief that Life Should be On-course

One of our employees has been working here pregnant, courageous and remarkably good-humored even in being a bit overdue. Yesterday she gave birth. I haven’t been around anyone for many years through her whole pregnancy. And so having a baby seems like an unusual, radical decision to me these days. Maybe it is; maybe it always has been. But then I thought about it, noticed my...
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Snoopy mind wandering
Your mind naturally wanders, but, as it says in the Lord of the Rings, "Not all who wander are lost." When we do Deep Massage, we cultivate healthy "psycho-mechanics," We attend as much to the movement of awareness as to the movement of our body. So to facilitate the client's clear experience of our touch, we keep returning our awareness to the place we are working on - we p...
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Neuromuscular Therapy: The Nemerov Method

by Howard Nemerov “Jane” reported pain in her left shoulder area. Initial assessment revealed tension along the superior medial border of her left scapula, as well as a zone of spinalis tension along her left lower thoracic spine. The Nemerov Method explains the “why” that correlates with the “what”. Persistent tension usually is a sign of compensation, where the tigh...
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Ornament, Crime and Massage – The Art of Massage #7

Ornament and Crime? Got your attention? Well I’m not really going to write about that. However, that was the title of a famous essay written by the architect, Adolf Loos, in 1908. He was a founding member of the “Bauhaus,” a modern movement that approached design with a heightened sense of the beauty and efficiency of things designed quite simply and thoughtfully for use. ...
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Healthy Holidays – 5 Tips for the Natural Traveler

Planning a vacation or business trip? Consider packing a small kit of natural remedies before you go. Unfamiliar surroundings, unusual foods, and jet lag can make you vulnerable to viruses, stress, and gastrointestinal (GI) upset. Colorado Naturopathic Physician Michael Sutton suggests the following items: 1. Grapefruit Seed ExtractThis extract fights and prevents viruses ...
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866110617_5c08481cdc_o (1)
“Everything must touch!  Send feelers out And love is like a vine, it is connecting us.” ~ David Lauterstein What connects one touch with another?  What role does breath play in the art of massage? In yoga, if you do the postures and movement without full breathing, it is of limited structural and energetic benefit.  So too if you do a massage without fully breathing in a...
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Eternity in the Palm of Your Hand – The Art of Massage #5

Hands holding oneness
Time is what we are made of – in addition, of course to space. Ida Rolf noted “gravity is the therapist” – meaning we derive the sense of balance from our relationship to gravity in space. To say that “time is the therapist” is equally true. Of course we already say time is the great healer – meaning superficially that, given the right amount of time, things will tend to ...
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Accuracy – The Art of Massage #4

Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars                                                                                             — William Blake   One of the legs we stand on is the knowledge the biological sciences give us.  If we can’t find a love and fascination for anatomy, we probably have no business being massage therapists. All...
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The Art of Meeting and The Art of Massage #3

Today I took a walk at dawn. I took a walk just where the night meets the day. Each sense has a place of meeting – the place where the sound can first be heard, the place where we first see something illuminated by light – and every time we’re met, whether by sound, smell, light, or touch, we come to a point of awakening – with conscious contact we wake up.  We come to t...
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