How to Choose the Best Massage School for You: Location Matters

where you go to massage school matters
Leverage the Location of the Massage School You Choose for Your Best Shot at Success Beyond convenience, the one reason location matters when choosing the best massage school for you is leverage. When you choose a massage school with a good reputation in the city in which it is located, that reputation can be a springboard for your massage career. First, make a short...
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The more time you spend on the internet – with email, googling, facebook, snapchat – the more depressed you get. Many studies have shown that. So why are we still so “wired” in? The promise, the potential, of experiencing a sense of connection is often even more exciting and captivating than the actual connection! The reason behind that is built into our body and mind. Every...
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In Austin, we have a saying, “Keep Austin Weird.” I have always prided myself and our school for helping to keep Austin weird – since massage is still regarded as a little weird by some people. It still gets made fun of in movies, TV, cartoons, etc. Then I asked myself, “Well, what does being “weird” really mean?” I started by looking up the root meaning for the word. Here’s...
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People used to think massage just facilitated circulation.  But there have been enormous advances in this field and in massage education.  Now some of greatest teachers are showing us that tension is released in the muscles and their connective tissues, by intelligent, science- informed touch and quality of contact – not by quantity of pressure or through circulatory work. B...
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How to Choose the Best Massage School for You: The Importance of a Sustainable Class Schedule

When trying to determine which is the best massage school for you, one of the most important aspects to consider is the massage class schedule or schedules available to you. Because massage school is not only based on intellectual learning but also practical application, your brain power is just as important to your success as a massage school student as the physical en...
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My client walks with a grace in her step. She seems like she's walking on air. She laughs, she jokes, she doesn't seem to care. She is a bit heavy and is working out to improve; at times it does dampen her mood. It's hard not to hide beneath the shield of clothes. Her posture erect with just a couple of flaws, her shoulders, her back, and her foot All due to things that ...
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How to Choose the Best Massage School for You: 3 Signs Your Massage Curriculum Will Prepare You for a Successful Career

Massage School Curriculum
Unless you have interviewed a massage therapist about the foundational elements of their massage curriculum in depth, a massage school admissions pamphlet is not going to tell you whether their program will prepare you for a successful career in massage therapy. For this reason, it is important to analyze a massage school’s curricula before enrolling to determine whether yo...
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“BMT” – Body Mobilization Techniques – were collected and refined by Robert King, the founder of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy, in the early 1980’s. For many years, Bob came down to The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and taught one great workshop after another. The founders of our school, John and David, were both early students of Bob’s. One of our earliest instruct...
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Believing in Touch

I have never been a very conventional religious person. Maybe those of us who practice massage therapy are, however, in touch with something deeply spiritual underlying all beliefs. From an early age I did have a respect and attraction to the sacred, often through art and music, and also from a deep hope that humans would collaborate in creating a peaceful world. I was in...
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How to Choose the Best Massage School for You: 4 Ways to Evaluate Massage School Culture and Values

TLC Massage School Class
Professional massage therapy draws all types of individuals, and as a result, the culture and values of individual massage schools are usually very different from one another. So how do you choose the best massage school for you? It is important to evaluate a massage school’s culture carefully before enrolling to discern what it values. Here’s how: 1. Do All the Things ...
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