Polo Tennis & Fitness

Your Name: Carol Mogen
Your Email: carol.mogen@gmail.com
Phone Number: 512-663-0438
Company Name: Polo Tennis & Fitness
Company Website: www.thepolotennisclub.com

Where you would like to receive inquiries?: Email
Job Closing Date: April 15, 2013
Job Title: Massage Therapist
Job Type: Room Rental (Not a Gig)

Job Description:
I am looking for a female therapist who is comfortable working primarily with athletes, (both teenage and adult). The massage room is located within a pro shop on the 2nd floor of the main club. There are other wellness professionals who rent space within the club (Chiropractors, Pilates, acupuncture & Laser hair removal). This is nice for referrals. You MUST be willing and have ideas as to marketing yourself within the club and community. There is a solid base of clientele already established by me, so you will have a good base to work with.
I do primarily a deeper tissue massage mixed with clinical stretching and strengthening modalities. Sometimes you will just do basic swedish massage as it depends on the client and what their needs are. Other modalities commonly used are foot/hand&forearm stripping due to common tennis injuries such as plantar fascitis and tennis elbow. Chair massage can be performed at any of the tournaments and is a great way to make extra money and network.
I am looking for a really enthusiastic, strong, fun, good mannered, professional, and punctual person to take over the lease space. Before you consider, please know that the space is located about 9 miles west of Oak Hill on 290 so unless you live south or want to re-locate southwest, the commute would be challenging and it’s something to seriously consider. I am willing to train the right person for 2 months at which time the lease would be transferred to your name if the work is suitable to you. Paid Training can start as early as March 18th. I will discuss the lease details at time of interview. I do require a 20 minute demonstration of your techniques. Than you and look forward to hearing from you.