Valerie Granoff, LCSW

First Name: Valerie
Last Name: Granoff

Phone: (512) 785-1166

Company Name: Valerie Granoff, LCSW
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How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date – Required (month/date/year): April 1, 2018
Volunteer Opportunity Description: Hello! I am a psychotherapist with 26 years experience, practicing privately in Austin. My subspecialty is working with women and couples experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. I will be leading a therapeutic wellness retreat May 4-6, 2018 in Wimberley, TX. I am seeking massage therapist volunteers on Saturday, May 5th (hours/shifts TBD) to provide hand, foot and/or shoulder massage as a gift to the 15-30 women attending. Meals & gratuity will be provided for volunteers. Thank you!