Spa Ahh LA Carte LLC

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Phone Number: 570-977-1900
Company Name: Spa Ahh LA Carte LLC

Where you would like to receive inquiries?: Email
Job Closing Date: 6/30/2013
Job Title: Massage Therapists needed
Job Type: Contract – Paid

Job Description:
We are a spa service company new to the Austin area and will be looking to contract with Tx Lic Massage Therapists. Liability Ins a must. We are seeking dependable,knowledgeable,caring therapists to build our team of spa professionals. Excellent compensation $25+ per contracted hour. If you have great customer service skills as well as excellent professional ethics and work well with other therapists you will be a great fit for our company! We also need a Lead Therapist Assistant Manager( 20+ hrs week as paid employee). Please send your resume to