Massage Kneads

First Name: Sarah
Last Name: Barnes

Phone: (713) 304-6591

Company Name: Massage Kneads
Company Website:

How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date – Required (month/date/year): 12/05/2017

Job Title: Chair Massage Therapist
Job Description: Looking for LMTs with less than 2 years experience to be available for corporate chair massage gigs.
No massage chair? No problem – we’ll make sure you have the materials you need to be successful.
Meet and greet the Massage Kneads team, Friday, December 8th, 2017 and have a Chair Massage Technique review. Refreshments provided.
Then we need (4) therapists to work downtown on Monday, December 11th for 3 hours. Pay $25/hr – paid out that day.
Please provide resume and copy of license.