Integrative Oriental Medicine

First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Manson

Phone: (512) 599-9313

Company Name: Integrative Oriental Medicine
Company Website:

How would you like to receive inquiries?: Phone
Closing Date: 4/30/2017

Job Title: Furnished room rental + advertising and referrals
Job Type: Room Rental (not a gig)

Job Description: 8’x11′ furnished massage room for rent inside holistic medicine clinic near the Y in Oak Hill. Room is available full time weekdays and weekends. The therapist will receive online booking through the clinic’s website and enjoy promotion as part of the clinic team on social media, events, and other advertisements. The clinic will refer patients to the therapist and expects the therapist to refer his/her clients to the clinic’s other services when a need is identified. Treatment table and therapist stool can be provided, or the therapist can bring his/her own. The therapist will need to provide their own oils and other supplies. Professional linen service can be provided for an extra fee. Use of the space also includes access to a common kitchenette/break room. Please visit the clinic’s website at for more information about the services offered. Please contact Jessica at (512) 599-9313 for more information or schedule a showing