Brookdale Lakeway

First Name: Tess
Last Name: Green
Phone: (512) 422-6403
Company Name: Brookdale Lakeway
Company Website:

How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date: 12/31
Job Title: Massage Activity
Job Type: Contract – Paid

Job Description:

I am Tess, an activities coordinator for weekends at the Brookdale Lakeway Senior Living.
I am looking to schedule some sunday afternoon hand and arm massages for some of the residents that come to my classes. There may be a small group of people in our activity room, 3to5 or if not, we would go to residents rooms and ask if they would like to receive a hand massage.

I am open to each sunday at 3pm to 4pm or until 5pm. One to Three therapists would be wonderful.
Please let me know what you might charge for such a thing and email or call me anytime. thanks so much for considering. They are sweet people and I think they need some healing touch.

All the best,
Tess 512-422-6403