leap into unknown


“Without a clear end you can’t have a clear beginning.” – Dr. Fritz Smith


by David Lauterstein

The transition in seasons and the transition through the holidays and into the new year is a critical time. It is in many ways the most important time to end habits that no longer serve us. By letting go of the residue of the past that no longer serves us – we open ourselves up to new thinking, new inspirations, new means to new ends.

The human ability to initiate dramatic changes in life is our most miraculous attribute. There is no time of year more important than this to utilize our power to let go of old habits, and to self-evolve in ways that are more self-fulfilling.

Some of these habits manifest in our bodies – postural and movement habits that no longer serve us, dietary habits that may fruitfully be changed, etc.

Some of these habits may be emotional – excessive levels of self-criticism, complaining instead of becoming aware of and expressing what you want, how to better respond to feelings frustration with ourselves and world events, etc.

Some of the habits are mental – confusion and loss of equanimity, thinking in vicious circles instead of upward spirals, using the higher creative powers of the mind, and letting go of the chatter of the “monkey mind”.

Some of the habits are spiritual – imagining that we are alone, not connected to other people and nature, feeling hopeless, not having faith in ourselves.

Through bodywork and movement, through compassionate planning using one’s heart, mind and spirit, it is really not too hard to set a whole new momentum into place.

Have faith in yourself and find ways, especially at this time of year, to make sure it is truly a New Year.

I’m going to lead a workshop, Escape from 2013! – Self-Care, Meditation and Massage Momentum for the New Year, on December 15 at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, the intent of which is to deeply let go of old habits and to begin a powerfully positive New Year for all participants. We will use planning, discussion, massage (letting go of tensions that may hold us back), and meditation to enjoy and deepen this process.