866110617_5c08481cdc_o (1)“Everything must touch!  Send feelers out
And love is like a vine, it is connecting us.”
~ David Lauterstein

What connects one touch with another?  What role does breath play in the art of massage?

In yoga, if you do the postures and movement without full breathing, it is of limited structural and energetic benefit.  So too if you do a massage without fully breathing in and out, it pretty much lacks the art, the life, and therefore the deeper therapeutic impact.

Our energy doesn’t come from our hands!  It comes from breath.  Plus the only inner rhythm that we have both conscious and unconscious control of is the breath.  Through it we access the explicit interface of the conscious and unconscious worlds.

So to find the energy and responsive rhythm in a session with a client we need to fully inhabit our own breath and be mindful of the depth and rhythm of theirs.

The art of massage, like life itself, depends on the breath. Every touch, like every note in a song, is strung like a bead on this living bracelet, on this miraculous vine of breath that connects us all.