AlignLife South Austin

First Name: Scott
Last Name: Ihrig

Phone: (512) 695-8613

Company Name: AlignLife South Austin
Company Website:

How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date: 04/15/16

Job Title: Massage Therapist
Job Type: Employee – Paid

Job Description: Must be a FUN interactive applicant, wanting to work in a clinical environment where we provide condition based massage as the most common and others upon request. They should be invested in growing their own clientele and marketing their talents in our community. They will be provided the means and training to do so.
Duties and Responsibilities of Therapist. Therapist agrees to provide massage therapy
services for Clinic and offer only massage therapy and related services. Therapist will
utilize Clinic software systems (i.e. VitaLogics) and intake paperwork to provide and
record services. Therapist may be directed to assist in marketing campaigns for Clinic
as prescribed/needed (i.e. Lunch and Massage Campaigns, Screening Events, Lunch
and Learn Campaigns etc.). Therapist agrees to practice in accordance with the
standards, customs and ethical principles established by the American Massage Therapy
Association and those articulated by the Clinic from time to time. Therapist shall
recommend consultation or examination of clients who may have need of such services
to Clinic, as Therapist deems necessary or instructed by Clinic.