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Contact Name: Robert Ihrig

Contact Phone: (512) 892-3434

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Job Closing Date: 12/1/15

Job Title: Massage Therapist

Job Type: Employee – Paid

Job Description:

Our growing clinic is in need of an experienced body worker who has a special talent for myofascial release, FDM technique, stretching, and therapeutic massage. They will be treating conditions along side a chiropractor and assisting in our patients healing journey.

Every person at our organization has a healing story of their own from chiropractic care, and understands what chiropractic is all about. This is a requirement of any applicants.

It is necessary to maintain your own license and insurance, and will be responsible for maintaining the single massage room they use, as well as cleaning linens, and supplying any oils or equipment they may need. We will provide one massage table and the room.

The therapist will be required to perform certain therapeutic techniques prescribed by the doctor, as well as use their own clinical knowledge in helping patients.

An internship or volunteer will suffice as well.